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My current body of work is a series of hand embroideries that reference pop culture. The works are a reflection on the idolisation of stars whether they be musicians, actors or artists.  Reminiscing over childhood and teenage idols I work with embroidery, which has previously been categorized as a ‘domestic art’, to present pop icons in irreverent and gender challenging thread paintings. 


The works feminizes masculine characters with floral embellishments and glorifies female pop stars.  Rehashing religious iconography stems from attending Catholic schooling, and the reinterpretation of domestic objects challenges the preconceived notion of the feminine arts.  Referencing classical art and religious paintings further plays with the intermingling of cultural relics and forms of decorative arts.


Each work takes many hours to complete using the embroidery thread like paint to create realistic illustrations.  The works are whimsical and offer a postmodern take on needlework.  By using embroidery I seek to readdress the craft vs. art debate and revalue what has previously been seen as ‘domestic’ and ‘women’s’ work.

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