Unseen Horizons

Unseen Horizons is a body of work that continues the investigation into the beauty of decay that has been a focus of my work for the past four years.  Walls photographed in China, on a print residency in 2012, are the current muses of my obsession and feature in these works.  The abstraction and over saturation of the colours of decomposition aims to offer an alternate view on decay, that is to see the beauty in its surface and colours and to invite the viewer in closer to examine the micro details of their surrounds.


I arrived in China from a Tasmanian winter into a sweltering tropic of Capricorn summer not really knowing what to expect.  During the two month residency I was housed in a 300 year old Hakka village.  With the constant deluge of rain the walls of the village were damp and crumbling with moss creeping up from the ground to cover the walls in a velvety green.  Scratch marks of past residents passing with carts of goods on their way to the market had left their mark. Large cracks and plastering of fix it up patches left abstract patterns on the walls. 


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