Growth and Decay Patterns

All life begins from something. All matter must inevitably decay.  And from decay comes new life.


Decay and Growth Patterns has stemmed from a life long interest into the cycles of the natural world.  Being raised on a dairy farm I was in constant contact with life and death as a child.  This fascination has continued into adulthood and influences the subject matter I choose to address in my artistic practice.  In recent years I have undertaken scientific studies to understand the mechanics of life at a more complex level.


The creative research approach I employ offers more than a distanced observational account of the world.  Aesthetic awareness combined with an inclination to delve beneath the surface of my surroundings provides a foundation to work across the art and science nexus. 


Observational findings, gathered from the UTAS Plant Science Lab and studio experiments, were applied to the process of printmaking. Employing decay and growth in the generation of printmaking plates provided the basis from which to create the prints.  Systems of printing were developed to replicate the growth and decay processes; to arrive at a certain point of collapse or renewal through repetition and saturation.


This approach examines the potential of creative research to facilitate new understandings of the natural world and brings to light the vitality of materials present in an artists’ studio.

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