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A Room of One's Own: Women in Still Life

Opening on Friday 24th November at Bett Gallery a group show of artists working in still ife.

An exhibition of strength and vitality, honouring the tradition of women working in Still Life, with an extraordinary group of highly collectable artist's working within the genre today.  Capturing the delightful and the atmospheric found in the fleeting moment of the everyday, A Room of One’s Own - Women in Still Life creates an opportunity to question the relationship between genre, gender, value and work.  The works in this exhibition extend beyond these women artists to the spaces and objects around them—the things that bear witness to their lives, and which are anything but still.    After surviving for centuries, the current Still Life movement is really having a moment. Collectors will have the opportunity to survey the best of the genre from around the country, though the mediums of painting, ceramics, sculpture and photography in this exciting, comprehensive nod to the creative force of women working in the arts today.


Rachel Milne, Elizabeth Barnett, Katherine Hattam, Amy Cuneo, Melanie Vugich, Kiata Mason, Fiona Cotton, Sally Anderson, Nicole O'Loughlin, Peggy Zephyr, Irene Briant, Pamela Pauline, Myfanwy Gullifer, Natasha Junmanee, Honor Freeman and Jess Dare

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